Jaanika Okk
Client Services Manager

Jaanika started her creative career over ten years ago as a freelance artist focusing in printmaking. In 2008, she began managing art events and projects for other artists. Since then she has organised a range of projects from individual solo shows to large scale international festivals involving over 50 artists from 35 different countries. Jaanika is also an experienced photographer, graphic designer and auctioneer.

Jaanika has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine Art and in 2012, was awarded a  Master degree in Arts and Project Management by Birmingham City University.

Jaanika is passionate about site-specific art, how to adapt visuals into a particular scene, and how art relates to the environment. She is fascinated by  how different art forms and various audiences communicate with each other and such dialogue is nurtured.

Languages spoken include Estonian and Russian.