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‘Earthen Lamp has a good reputation. I have also previously worked with Earthen Lamp on different projects, and have always enjoyed working with the organisation.’

Antonia Beck, BrumYODO

BrumYODO Impact Strategy Development


BrumYODO is a community collective that aims to encourage and support the people of Birmingham to have open and honest conversations about death, dying and mortality. Through creative and cultural events, festivals, debates, workshops, and social media, BrumYODO is opening discussions and ending the taboos around death and dying. They also curate an annual festival called A Matter of Life and Death.

Type of work

Strategy Development


August 2019 – December 2019

The brief

BrumYODO’s board commissioned Earthen Lamp to create an impact strategy and summary document to ensure that they could assess and showcase the organisational impact over the last three years. It was important for the team to include information about the organisation’s reach and feature all project partners and artists involved. The team needed an inspiring and cohesive set of documents that could be used for future funding applications and securing further work.

The activity

Earthen Lamp provided a framework which allowed BrumYODO to develop three impact case studies that underlined different aspects of the organisation’s work. Alongside this, Earthen Lamp also helped to identify and collate relevant numerical figures that demonstrated the impact of the organisation to various stakeholders.

The outcome

As a result of this work, Earthen Lamp designed and produced a two-page graphical impact summary which brought together the numerical impact figures of the organisation and listed all key partners and stakeholders. The three case studies were also designed and formatted as separate evidence documents. Together the set of documents showcased three years’ of BrumYODO’s impact as an easily accessible snapshot. The team now also has clear guidelines as to how to collate impact evidence in the future.

You can access the impact summary here.

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