Images courtesy of: Earthen Lamp

‘Working with Earthen Lamp was easy from the offset. The final report is professional, detailed and incredibly insightful and I’ve been inspired to perform more research around playful interactive art installations.’

Julia Snowdin, artist

Light Pavilion Evaluation


Coventry based artist Julia Snowdin believes in creating unexpected and unimaginable spaces for communities, families, friends and strangers to come together. Her work creates inspiring moments with art in accessible ways, has sensory benefits and enables community cohesion.

Created by Julia in summer 2019, Light Pavilion is a colourful, interactive installation created with children and families in mind. It encourages exploration and wonder through light, sound and touch. After a research and development period which included a partnership with Culture Coventry’s learning team and a Ludic Rooms Random String Fellowship, Light Pavilion was constructed and exhibited as part of The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery’s 2019 summer exhibition.

Type of work



Summer 2019

The brief

Earthen Lamp was commissioned by artist Julia Snowdin to carry out audience research and evaluation whilst the artwork was open to the public at The Herbert. The aim was to gather feedback about the quality of the installation, its suitability for and impact on children and families, and to develop ways it could be improved in the future.

The activity

Earthen Lamp created a feedback survey and interviewed visitors at the exhibition on 5th July 2019. An online version of the same survey was also shared through Earthen Lamp’s and Julia Snowdin’s social media channels. The feedback was analysed and presented to the artist to enable then to fully understand the impact of the exhibit and give recommendations as to how to develop future projects.

The outcome

The evaluation showed Light Pavilion to be a successful and popular exhibit which engaged with a range of audiences and prompted playful interaction and discussion between children and families. The research has been used in feedback to funding bodies and recommendations provided by visitors have  helped Julia to improve the existing piece as well as to inspire future projects.

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